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Lana (Lana) – Marling (Marlengo) – Tscherms (Cermes) OdV

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On the following pages we will attempt to provide our members with up-to-date information on the waters, events and what’s happening at the club.
We would also like to introduce ourselves to any interested parties and provide them with an overview of the most important club activities and regulations.


the fishing cards can now also be purchased practically via the "Hooking" app. Simply download the app for free, select the waters and purchase a day ticket.

Vereinsteich, Falschauer Lana, Marlinger Mühlbach, Brandisbach, Etsch, Artificial lake St. Pankraz
from 04th May 2020
Artificial lake St. Pankraz from 14th March to 30th September 2020
Artificial lake Walburger from 08th May to 30th November 2020
Alpine lakes & Artificial lake Arzkar from 01.06.2020

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