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Teich Biotiop Lana

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Teich Biotiop Lana (Lana Biotope Pond)

The club pond is located in the Lana Biotope, below the Beton Lana gravel mill.

The pond is 1.7 hectares and has an average depth of 4.5 m. The deepest point is around 7 m.

Fish: rainbow trout, riverine brown trout, carp, tench, zander, pike, eel, European chub, sturgeon, roach and rudd.

Every member of the Lana (Lana) – Marling (Marlengo) – Tscherms (Cermes) Fishing Club can fish in the club pond if he/she is in possession of a valid fishing pass and enters the date on which he/she goes fishing. Guests may also fish in the pond if they are accompanied by a club member and are in possession of a guest pass. Each member may accompany two guests. A fishing licence is not necessary as the pond is not entered in the public waters register and there is no inflow or outflow.

Each fisher may use one rod.

Permitted bait All bait that is permitted under state law is permitted with the addition of fish roe. The use of maggots is forbidden.
Daily limits Three fish (of which only one carp). There is no limit on European chub and other white fish. Please note that zander must be thrown back!
Minimum sizes Carp: 30 cm; tench: 20 cm. Zander must be thrown back throughout the year. Minimum sizes do not apply to any other fish. Every fish landed must be immediately killed and taken home!
Close season 1 December – 2nd Saturday in February.